Treatooo Hotels (PVT) Ltd

Batticaloa has an opulent history of being a hot spot during the silk road era from the 2nd Century BC to 14 Century AD. Even the  first Dutch contingent  arrived in Batticaloa before  capturing Colombo from the Portuguese later on. The fort built during the 16th century served as the governmental headquarters for Batticaloa during the British era as well.

Rich with vegetation and agriculture this low land province has one of the most beautiful areas in Sri Lanka especially the wildlife and strict wild sanctuaries. The vast history of the religious and racial coexistence has made Batti a thriving city for trading. The Moors dominate trade in these areas, whilst Sinhalese and Tamils are more into fisheries, agriculture and administrative portfolios. There are also the descendants of Dutch burgers living in batticaloa who still practice their traditions and culture.

TREATOOO captures the culture of this unique coexistence especially with the influence of Dutch traditions in culinary art. Some of the traditions of Dutch cuisines could be reminisced at the two locations of TREATOOO. The two locations of TREATOOO are at Lady Mannings drive as City Hotel and at Dutch Bar Road as Lagoon Resort.

Try our Lamprais (lomprijst in Dutch), black pork curry or grilled fish and enjoy our cozy accommodation and services that would be a lasting memory of your visit to Batticaloa. If you are observant and lucky you might hear the singing fish under the Lady Mannings Bridge.